you can tell a lot about a person by which season of AHS was their favorite

I mean, sure, yeah. We are very close and we tend to do a lot of romantic scenes and things like that — just really romantic things on Pretty Little Liars. It definitely rubs off on you a little bit. I think we definitely have some similarities for sure, we get along well and we laugh a lot. We’re fun. I think Caleb and Hanna have been though a lot, but they, at the core, just really enjoy each other. We’re similar in that way. - Tyler Blackburn

Ready for the night! #pinkparty2014 Thanks @patrickta & @bartolistyle for getting me ready :)


All Foxxay Scenes
Making Magic (3x09)

W e  make a great  t e a m.

*patiently waits for sarah paulson to drop an album*